Iron and steel

Typical applications of this sector are hot and cold rolling mills, where big diameter seals are used: TENUTE TR/3, TR/3-M radial sealing rings for work rolls and TENUTE TR/4 for backup rolls. For oil film bearings, TENUTE offers TDE and TFW models.

In addition to these traditional applications, TENUTE recommends TR/VTP and TR/VMP models, that combine in one single solution both radial and front sealing. As far as front sealing is concerned, TENUTE just developed the new and better performing TR/VO-PTV model, taking advantage of its patented PTFE lip vulcanization system.

For wire mill sector, TENUTE has been manufacturing for years TR/8 model, in many configurations and materials selected according to working conditions.


Windmill sector, constantly growing, is requiring today different seals than the traditional extruded profiles used so far. The need to compensate misalignments and deformations, typical of big diameter base bearings, is generating a new interest towards solutions that should be different from the past ones.

TENUTE entered this market thanks to its technical and technological knowledge, coming from many years of experience in various industries. The study and cooperation with several customers also led to the development of PTV technology, patented by TENUTE under Nr. EP 2278198 B1.

Amongst its specific seal range for windmill, TENUTE offers models TR/3-BT, TR/5/P-BT, T11/BT-P, TR/VT-HCF-PTV. Besides, external seals E11-BT and E11-BT-P are also available with PTV technology.


Typical applications of this sector are hot and cold rolling mills, where peripheral speed of the rolls it’s very fast and the media can be a problem, TENUTE can propose TR/3-M TR/4-L radial sealing rings for work rolls TR/4 in the backup rolls.

In addition to these traditional applications, TENUTE recommends TR/6 for measuring rolls, that with the PTV technology, as well FKM’s materials specific for the application, can reach performance absolutely important.

Especially for the retrofit of old plants, TENUTE just developed the new frontal seal TR/V-ML-PTV model, taking advantage of its patented PTFE lip vulcanization system.

These seals are Patented by TENUTE and are made by a spring vulcanized into the body of the seal for a better stability and avoid deformation of the rubber, avoiding the typical waves of the V-Rings standard.


For tools and fluid dynamic applications, TENUTE suggests the use of O-Rings, TENUTE “U” rings in different compounds, ARN and ARS wipers with or without metal insert, ADE double effect wiper, DSB locking disks for tool-holder towers in CNC machines, flexible AMM shock absorbers studied for spring drives.

For heavy duties, TENUTE IP range is available, although very often modern machines require today seals with much smaller sections, such as TENUTE TE, TI, and RO/600, manufactured in self-lubricating material for dynamic sealing and elastomer for static sealing.

Together with these systems, the use of guide bands TENUTE FG/700 is recommended.

Oil & Gas

A peculiarity of this sector is the use of technical and specific elastomers, very resistant to hydrocarbons and too aggressive chemicals in general. Model TENUTE TR/5-ML-PTV has been developed for rotary shaft applications and pressure up to 10 bar.

TENUTE CGI “U” rings are used on clamps to grant sealing performances during pipelines maintenance, whilst TENUTE TSA rings are mainly used in drilling heads. TENUTE IN and IL packing sets are commonly used in hydraulic cylinders with working pressure up to 400 bar. For double effect applications, TENUTE IHN and IAS are available.

Working pressure up to 800 bar and aggressive contact fluids, require double effect TENUTE TE/300 and TI/300 for hydraulic cylinders.

Tenute TR/3


Exclusive applications in this sector are O-Rings for inlet valves sealing, big diameter TENUTE ORT in textile rubber, TENUTE ITF and T/O models, seals for wicket gates in whole rubber or textile rubber, such as TENUTE CTA and CAP, front sealing rings in sectors made of different elastomers in combination with self-lubricating materials such as PTFE.

Furthermore, in hydraulic cylinders with pressure up to 40 bar, TENUTE NA collars in whole rubber are used, whilst with pressure up to 400 bar packing sets in textile rubber such as TENUTE IN and IL are recommended.

For double effect applications, TENUTE IHN and IAS are available. As an alternative, TENUTE composite seals TE/300 and TI/300 can be used.
The range of TENUTE seals for the hydroelectric sector is completed by rubber profiles for sluice frames and flanges in different materials.

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