Exclusive applications in this sector are O-Rings for inlet valves sealing, big diameter TENUTE ORT in textile rubber, TENUTE ITF and T/O models, seals for wicket gates in whole rubber or textile rubber, such as TENUTE CTA and CAP, front sealing rings in sectors made of different elastomers in combination with self-lubricating materials such as PTFE.

Furthermore, in hydraulic cylinders with pressure up to 40 bar, TENUTE NA collars in whole rubber are used, whilst with pressure up to 400 bar packing sets in textile rubber such as TENUTE IN and IL are recommended.

For double effect applications, TENUTE IHN and IAS are available. As an alternative, TENUTE composite seals TE/300 and TI/300 can be used. The range of TENUTE seals for the hydroelectric sector is completed by rubber profiles for sluice frames and flanges in different materials.

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