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Tenute Technical Office is available to evaluate the customer needs for special design products, that can be optimized and adapted according to specific requirements. Thanks to an innovative production technology, Tenute is characterized by a high flexibility that allows it to manufacture prototype samples for customer evaluation and testing, for applications in various industrial sectors.

With one of the most advanced R & D Dept. in rubber industry, Tenute is able to produce “State of the Art” sealing rings, ensuring very low dimensional tolerances. This fact is pointed out from international customers who continue to renew their trust in Tenute products and quality.


Understanding your needs

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Since over 40 years we receive customer specifications in order to perform Feasibility Analysis in terms of production capability, according to the required geometrical and material specifications. If the application is technically feasible, we proceed in collaboration with the customer to evaluate some solutions with costs in line with the project needs.


Suggesting your seal

Suggesting your seal

Once the most suitable technical solution has been identified to satisfy customer needs, dimensional and form tolerances required by the specific application are agreed. The working characteristics of the proposed seal are also evaluated, in terms of temperature and working pressures. All these specifications are submitted to the customer for his technical verification and approval.


Validating the seal

Testing the seal sample

Upon customer’s approval of the seal technical specifications, a sample batch is manufactured, so that Tenute Technical Dept can confirm dimensional tolerances and other parameters, checked with Polaris laser machine. Prototypes are then sent to the customer, who starts its own testing. When this phase is successfully completed, the seal is approved by the customer and mass production can start.

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