Windmill sector, constantly growing, is requiring today different seals than the traditional extruded profiles used so far. The need to compensate misalignments and deformations, typical of big diameter base bearings, is generating a new interest towards solutions that should be different from the past ones.

TENUTE entered this market thanks to its technical and technological knowledge, coming from many years of experience in various industries. The study and cooperation with several customers also led to the development of PTV technology, patented by TENUTE under Nr. EP 2278198 B1.

Among its specific seal range for windmill, TENUTE offers models TR/3-BT, TR/5/P-BT, T11/BT-P, TR/VT-HCF-PTV. Besides, external seals E11-BT and E11-BT-P are also available with PTV technology.

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